Diamond Landscape Service


Load Bearing Retaining Wall

Created additional parking space above the wall. Followed specific guidelines for proper construction to ensure this wall will support a weight load on top and water draining through the ground from the driveway. All our retaining walls are built to last!

Terraced Walls

Removed railroad ties that had fallen over. Trees overgrown in the terrace also had to be removed along with soil that pushed the walls over. New walls and steps that drain water away from the soil that will keep the walls sound for years to come.

Backyard Remodel

Designed a multi-level entertaining area complete with a custom deck and steps to access a lower paver patio. Low volt lights on steps were added for aesthetics and safety. Four foot lighted columns outline the freestanding wall.

Outdoor Entertaining Area

Grass and dirt had to be removed to make room for the new paver patio and gas fire pit. New trees and plants were installed to give shade and privacy to the area. Sprinklers were revamped to the changed grass and beds.

Raised Island

Hauled away old shrubs and pine trees that grew into power lines. The new island outlines the half circle drive and has shrubs and flowers that bloom throughout the growing season.

Pondless Water Feature

Limited access to get into the backyard meant everything had to be wheel barrowed in from the front. The soothing sound of water can be heard from the deck 100 feet away. This water feature is using the Pond-Less application, no standing water to clean or worry about.

Go Green with Synthetic Grass

No water is required for this synthetic lawn - two zones of sprinklers are now off. No gas for mowing or no more fertilizing. The dogs like the new turf and enjoy the clean paws. Prior to the remodel the dirt and grass was muddy until late summer.

Lighted Columns

Built the wall under the deck to retain the hillside. Most of the wall is below the deck height. Lighted columns added great interest in the entryway, along with night time stair navigation. New flowers and plants dress up the patio for the owners.

Christmas Lights

Over 100,000 Christmas lights in Spokane, WA!